How Beat Crazy came to be...

Beat Crazy History

History of Beat Crazy

The "Beat Crazy" concept came about in the late 90's, a group of eclectic dj minds from all walks of life melting together in the Fox Valley as a collective.  The enthusiasm and passion from those days carried well past college into the new millenium.   Having played my first gig in 1997, I was hooked and I've never looked back.

Growing up in a classic rock family, the 90's was an incredible time to come of age as a teenager & young adult. musically  The influence of hip-hop, EDM, grunge, alternative, folk rock & a host of every other music genre was undeniable; it was a great time to learn the craft of becoming a "real dj."  Of course in those days, we were still using records, cassettes, laser disc's & eventually cd's, giving way to the all mighty MP3.  Regardless of the media form, the love & passion for people, fun and memories never faultered.

I guess you could say I came up "the old fashioned way," in a tough business & industry learning the ropes of what it really meant to entertain.  I had worked for several other local dj companies in SE WI, learning the in's & outs of how to run a successful DJ business.  Having dj'd hundreds of weddings, school functions, bar nights, clubs, festivals, & pretty much any type of party you can imagine; 20 years later I'm as passionate as ever.

Beat Crazy Entertainment was formalized in the early 00's, a grass roots, self-made business that has grown into more than I could have ever imagined.  Sincere in our mission - " let us set the mood for your memories."  Each & every client, couple & family over this time has come to to be part or our extended "Beat Crazy Family."  

The memories I have over the years are simply incredible.  So many families have brought us into reaches of the most important celebrations one could imagine.  Weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthday's, fund-raisers, good ol' fashioned shin-digs, really any reason to celebrate life & love, to say I'm grateful is a gross understatement.

To anyone we may cross paths with in the future, we are humble & honored to be part of your life, if even for a night or a few hours.  The gratitude & appreciation I have for each and every opportunity to celebrate life & music together in unexplainable.  

If I can imagine the next 20 years to be as influential on my life as the last 20, I will know that I have chosen the right path in life.  I was once told by the mother of a bride that I was given an amazing gift to "make people have fun." I have never forgotten that and I am blessed to have a true passion for what we do.

With love, respect & admiration -

Musically yours,

Justin J. 


Beat Crazy Entertainment LLC