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Mr & Mrs Bucks - From Seattle WA

Mr & Mrs Bucks - From Seattle WA

It all started when...

I got a booking request from a couple clear across the country in Seattle Washington.  "We we are from the Fox Valley Area in WI originally and our family is insisting that we throw a party back home for the folks that can't make it out to the West coast to celebrate with us."  A young lady from well across the country emails me, we are having are party at the local KC Hall in Fond Du Lac.  "Great! I love the KC hall it is one of my favorite venues in the area, when are you guys planning your party we'd love to be part of your special day!"

Honestly, I was really excited to join the cross coast celebration that Mr.& Mrs Bucks were planning.  "Let's get the contract and paperwork in order so I don't have to worry about it later, the bride-to-be asked."  "Sure, I'll send it over and you can rest easy, it's going to be an amazing night!  About a week a later I received call from the soon-to-be Mrs Bucks.."I just want to double check the address I am sending our contract & deposit too, sure, no problem, 140 rose st, North Fond Du Lac WI, 54937 I said."  "Are you serious!!!" She exclaimed..."Yep that's the right address, we should be good to go," I said.  "NO, really 140 Rose street, in NORTH Fond du Lac...Wisconsin!  Yep, that's it..I said.  "Seriously, you won't even believe this....I literally grew up in that house!!!  I'm not kidding, my folks still live in the neighborhood! 

It's not often I'm rendered speechless, but in this case I was.  Literally, we had never met, we had no mutual friends, no social media contacts what soever, literally the Beat Crazy bride-to-be grew up in my house!  I've been living here for more than a decade, dj'ing that whole time and well before that even.  It occurred to me that the universe works in amazing ways.  Yet anther moment in my "beat crazy" life that is unexplainable, but meant to be.  

" I asked her if she would like to come over for a cook out for our in-person consultation prior to the big day, she couldn't believe it, I literally invited her to our home.  About a week before the party, the soon to be couple walked to our home from her parents place, the "same ol' neighborhood.  She asked if she could come in and see the place..."my goodness, it's so warm and inviting! This is my old room...I used to do my math problems in here!!!  Mrs Bucks went on to become an MD!  I couldn't believe it! She literally grew up in my house!  My daughter is now occupying her old room....would she go onto become a doctor some day I thought?  

We went onto plan out the party and eventually met at the venue the next weekend.  It was an amazing experience, in fact, on of my favorite memories from that party....At their request, we played the "Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, 5 times in a row!!! over & over...I had never done that before at any party.  Everyone was a hot sweaty mess after that and it was only 10pm!  Man o Man was that one for the ages.

As we like to say....that one went down in Beat Crazy Folklore....

What a crazy story--